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Pee feat. Cum

Piss und Sperma Duett - Front Cover


This one is going to go down in the annals-and anals-of porn history. It’s Feli and Lucia in their very first role together. This tight, T & A tag-team gulps, swallows and slurps countless pissing peckers. Then they lick each others’ cum-smeared cunts while lazing in a puddle of pee and cum. As an added bonus, Annette makes a cameo and she doesn’t waste any time getting down and dirty!

Pee-and Cum-Flush

Piss & Sperma Spülung - Front Cover


Annette and Lucia are totally keyed up for this intense, insane film! Never-ending golden showers enter their mouths and splash against their pussies! As always some drops don’t hit their target, so our slutty Annette has to slurp it up off the floor. But tread lightly! Don’t get caught in the crossfire! These two randy bitches spit the pee-and-cum mixture into each others’ mouths with reckless abandon.

The Swallow Kid

Schluckilein - Front Cover


Little Jenny is known throughout the sperm circuit as the Swallow Kid. If it’s wet, runny and discharged from a man’s penis, she’ll swallow anything. Admittedly, she is a bit of a newbie, and those long, dangling dicks were a bit intimidating at first. But she’s got a natural flair, and supportive friends were standing by to lend a hand, a tongue or both. They lick the shit out of Jenny’s pussy and asshole while Jenny swallows goo. You need friends to break into blow business, and Jenny’s grateful for hers.

Let me be your urinal!

Lass mich dein Pissoir sein! - Front Cover


Primal Petra has special needs and JOHN THOMPSON is here to meet those needs. She’s the sort of creature that likes to be fucked to the extreme in public toilets. The harder the better for Petra. And of course the guys wouldn’t think of leaving her out to dry; when you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go, so they use Petra’s mouth as a pretty little potty. And if their aim isn’t true, no matter-Petra is more than happy to sup the excess bladder spew off any public toilet floor.

Three Holed Whore

Die Drei-Loch-Stute - Front Cover


Tina, our sweet little three-holed whore, can’t be stopped. In her very first appearance in front of the camera she could barely control her emotions, jumping to prove herself by swallowing loads of sweet man-cum. But there’s a natural progression on this set, meaning she must first watch as a 12-inch cock disappears all the way inside her asshole. Soon, Tina gets her wish, and celebrates by spitting a mass of baby batter into her girlfriend’s mouth.

Piss Fountain

Piss Fontäne - Front Cover


The Piss Fountain is never boring. The Piss Fountain is always pouring. Show us a slut, and we’ll show you someone that needs to be pissed on. But urination is not gender-specific. These guys love being pissed on by the very same girls. It’s a dirty, wet toast that precedes the hardcore fucking. And the chicks? Oh, they’re into it 100%. One even gets an itch to have her right eye pissed on. Wait until you SEE IT!

Sitting in a Piss Pool

Im Piss-Pool - Front Cover


When slutty Jenny and friends go on holiday, it’s VIP first-class all the way! A luxurious pool! Plenty of men with monster cocks! In a pinch, a small paddle pool will do the trick-so long as there is the promise of a brutal banging and shower of piss. It’s a pee-ring circus when Jenny spits delicious man-pee into her girlfriend’s pussy and the enthusiastic guys spurt gallons into her wide open mouth. Yum! Yum! Yummy! More piss for their tummies!

Piss and Cum Delicatessen

Piss- und Sperma Delikatessen - Front Cover


These sweet 666 darlings are culinary connoisseurs, and nothing brings out the flavor of a dish like piss and sperm! Annette loves the stuff so much she’ll skip the meal and take it straight up. She’ll slurp a bowl of piss in seconds without leaving a drop. Her girlfriend, meanwhile, prefers to spit the golden juice on herself in front of the mirror. Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the wettest of them all?

Pee- and Cum-Blizzard

Piss und Sperma Gewitter - Front Cover


You’d better not do any driving because a ”Pee-and-Cum Blizzard” is in the forecast, and you can bet there’s going to be a white out! What do three sweet girls in chains think about while they masturbate? Swallowing gallons of PEE and CUM, naturally. That’s the only way to prepare for a weather emergency. Resourceful Annette gets into position beneath the piss-machine and her spirited friends spit the stuff into each others’ mouths It’s like a game of catch…JOHN THOMPSON style!