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1.2.3. Abspritzen!!!

1.2.3. Abspritzen!!! - Front Cover


8 beautiful young girls command our boys to spunk on them. Immediately spunk is squirting into open mouths, over pretty faces and in their hair. This is followed by cum swallowing galore, these sluts even spit the cum into each others mouths, spray it into each others cunts and so on, and so no…..A sperm festival that you can only find in a John Thompson production.

Cum That Way!

Sperma? Bitte hier rein! - Front Cover


Cute Cum Drinker Sandra`s only wish is to swallow cum! While cleaning up this lovely slut stumbles on a dildo ` which stimulates her perverted swallowing reflex on the edge` `Cum That Way!` ` well, darling ` you don`t have to tell us twice! Eager to see that Cutie getting screwed and pasted with jizz? Then watch out this brandnew JOHN THOMPSON PRODUCTION! With multiple jerk-off-guarantee.

Oral Douche

Die Mund-Dusche - Front Cover


Whenever lovely Melanie stuffs a bowling pin into her slick, wet pussy, we’re always impressed. She deserves more than a round of applause for this singular talent-she deserves to be pissed on, and you know Melanie always gets what she deserves. Hordes of men are on-hand, dousing her in wee. Little Sonja, a little jealous of all the attention Melanie is getting, follows her example. And attention-whore Annette? She enters the scene, too, just to pour the juice collections over her slutty friends’ heads! Is this Sodom & Gomorra or just the tower of gurgle?